Golden Orange Felt Wool Roving


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  • Product Code: STC-FWR-29

We offer 100% sheep wool from Nepal. Available in 21 micron/70s. We dye each batch with care to ensure soft, easily draft able fibers. Colors will vary slightly from batch to batch--so order enough to complete your project in one batch. Spinning: Long staple, easier to spin than many soft types of wool. Lovely sheen, durable and excellent for any products from felt wool roving. It contains everything one needs to make several felted balls, including jingle bells and a special organic wool wash to aid the felting process. Start with wool roving; add a little water, soap, and pressure from your hands and you've got the makings for felted balls and beads. With felted beads, you can make jewelry--bright, one-of-a-kind jewelry--in less time than you would imagine.

·         Ships within 4 days
·         Worldwide delivery by DHL express
·         1kg per pack
·         Made of 100% sheep wool
·         Made of Women helping Group in Nepal

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