Hemp Drawstring Pouches


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Let your skin breathe naturally with hemp slippers, clothing, hemp bags and hemp accessories made from spray-free natural hemp. Vegans can enjoy the hemp hats, hemp aprons, hemp shawls and hemp yarns, twines & fabrics. We manufacture, wholesale hemp purses  from Nepal found in large varieties designs and sizes which saves your important documents, coins and other currency.  This all are eco friendly products Nepal. It has high demand in the world. It was so lovely to finally come to one that has a practical approach AND natural feel to it. Thank you for being amazing!
  • Made of 100 % Hemp  
  • Ships in two business days
  • Worldwide Home Delivery
·         handmade - low environmental impact
·         no pesticides, fertilisers or irrigation used to grow the hemp
·         durable, will not rot or go mouldy as quickly as cotton
·         naturally anti-bacterial
·         high water retention properties
·         will last a long time....hence its popularity with beaders
·         biodegradable
·         will not expose you to any chemicals - it is chemical free
·         low environmental impact

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