Viscose Yarn In Natural


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  • Product Code: STC-VY-02

We offer handspun natural Viscose yarn from Nepal and this is very soft, lovely, lightly and crafted using and found in 200grms/skein also 100grams and weights in kilo. Our hand-rolled viscose yarn yarn save time and hassle from rewinding. These are made by women's groups in Nepal. This work provides additional income to support and improve their family earnings. They are free of over-spun and over-twisted strands. They can be used immediately, unlike yarn skeins that require preparation prior to use.

  • Made of 100 % Viscose
  • Hand spun in Nepal
  • AVL Size :200 grams/ skein
  • Ships in two business days
  • Weight 1Kg per pack
  • Home Delivery  by DHL,FEDEX,TNT

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